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Prayer to Our Father
(Written on Valentine's Day - Feb 2003)
by Anne Larkin

I would love to live pain free, anxiety free, worry free. Please Father; tell me how I had a good life; and if you call me now I will come. I need to have you with me. I'm asking, begging you to come down and help me. If it's my time, I accept it. But if I am going to survive, I know you have a plan. Please make me strong enough to endure the plan. I know it might take time. Please relieve my stress, my anxiety and my worry.

I love you. Don't abandon me. I humble myself before you. Help me to see that you have a purpose - eternal life, and a reward that goes with it.

Take away my suffering, the gut wrenching pain. I trust you because you know all. You can change my situation with a wave of your hand. I beg you to do it soon. I can't hang on much longer.

(On Sunday morning, February 23rd, 2003, with her husband and son at her side holding her, two small tears slide down her cheeks and Anne touched the face of God.)

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