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Death Of A Friend
by Brian Emmanuel Apollo

When a friend dies, one isn't truly forgotten...

Specially when touched by the lives of others, without asking
From heart to heart, in such a loving, caring and unique fashion
When a friend dies, one isn't truly gone...
Though departed in the physical but remains in my mind's gate
With me forever, regardless of their untimely fate

When a friend dies, one isn't truly lost...
But is found and lives in the hearts of all of us
Simply because we love em'... the recipient of our trust

When a friend dies, one must travel alone...
Each one has his own special road, the route is created by each own
Without help, each must walk alone; to our final destination, home

When a friend dies, everyone becomes hurt...
Though no mere words can ever categorize the sorrow
It's good memories fused with time that helps us through tomorrow

When a friend dies, God is still in control...
Knowing that in the good or the bad, we are still blessed
Because our God, not us, knows what's truly best

Though how can it be explained when a friend dies, yet we still remain
Until I see God and He makes it all clear -- at least I know He's always near
I'll always remember my friend that I held dear, as I wipe away this tear

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