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This section is where you can create a personal memorial for our lost friend Ali and have everyone that knew her come and add their memories and thoughts. I hope that this site can assist in the grieving process and to all of us that share and suffer this loss as a result of a senseless murder. Rest assured you are not alone during this time and there are friends out there who are willing to give their support. This site also can assist you in letting others know where to send flowers and help keep Ali’s spirit alive.

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Ali's sweet face and giggling voice are forever imprinted in my heart. Watching another angel leave our lives reminds me of how precious we all are. My love goes out to everyone who is feeling that emptiness in their souls...open up your heart and fill it with all of the love and encouragement that surrounds you. I believe that every beautiful sunset is sent to us from Ali and Grant to remind us to stay positive and truly believe that they are still here with us every day whenever we need them.
-Lindsay Regan

Things can change in the blink of an eye,
so many memories I wish time hadn't flown by...
Up in heaven now you can rest,
after getting to know you I realize I have truly been blessed.
-Erin O'Brien

When you have a best friend like Ali, you wonder how you got so lucky. Even though we have said goodbye to Ali, her spirit remains. I see her in everything that is beautiful, and I thank God that he brought her to me. She was always, always there for me. Thank you Ali for your strength, support, smile, love, and most of all friendship. I want you to know I honestly could not have made it without you. I love you.
-Laurel "Snuppy" Vine

Although I didn't know Ali, I wanted to tell her family and friends something. While your precious daughter, and friend, Ali was here on earth, Jesus was missing her at home. He blessed you all with this wonderful gift to borrow her for just a little while and I know it may not seem fair, but Jesus was ready for Ali to come home. And his plan is greater than any plan anyone could have ever imagined for her. So, shed your tears, and grieve as long as you need to. But remember we will all see her again. Sooner than you think. May God bless and keep you.
-Jamie Kay Cernech

Because this life is but a twinkling of an eye, we embrace those we love for all the days which are given.
Knowing the difference between the two,
life here and eternity there, we look to the Lord in hope of His promise.
Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of anyone,
Remember, forever is a long, long time to spend with those we hold dear today.
Ali now walks those streets of gold in heaven, waiting for us to come and play.
-Daryl Pearson

Ali Kemp

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